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set cercei si lantisor aur fetite, Sublimation printing method is the simplest form of printing reversible football jerseys. We also manufacture reversible football jerseys with stretch mesh in the lower body back and front. As a professional manufacturer, we can supply your business with a wide collection of reversible football jerseys.You must note that you will come up with two different designs for the outer and inner fabric. The process of printing both sets of designs will remain the same and will go through the following steps. Well, this case of designing involves having two different designs to print on the inside and outside of the jersey. Sublimation printing is the most cost-effective printing method that you can ever have especially for small quantity orders. As a kid, I can remember buying every Football jersey which I could get my hands on.You can order very few sublimated reversible football jerseys according to your requirements. Screen-printed reversible football jerseys are usually less comfortable as the print cracks might cut and bruise your skin. Sublimated and screen-printed reversible football jerseys are very comfortable jerseys due to the soft materials. Sublimated reversible football jerseys are better than the screen-printed reversible football jerseys. Because of this, we assure you that these reversible football jerseys are lightweight yet durable.Reversible football jersey is for the American football while reversible soccer jersey is for soccer games. Reversible football jerseys cost between 25 US dollars and 90 US dollars. Implying that the football jersey has two different prints on both sides of the custom football jersey. I think these jerseys are 100% Polyester, Tailored fit designed for movement and very clean comfort. There are many choices for the numbers and names printed on the jersey.For over 5 years, we are committed to providing the best solution you need. In our factory, we different styles of reversible football jerseys. Goal Sportswear reversible football jerseys are manufactured with a wide selection of colors and sizes. High-quality fabrics are also used by our designers to manufacture your reversible football jerseys. You can use polyester as the best fabric for making custom reversible football jerseys.

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