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capace lemn borcane, People buy brand name handbags online and offline now more than ever. The internet and the promise of exceptional deals produce a grand digital bazaar, filled with expertly crafted bags from Hermes to Mouawad at a fraction of their retail value. Stories of impostor bags sold for hundreds or thousands of dollars prove that even trusted online stores must be vetted. Of course, even if you avoid buying high-end purses online all together, you risk purchasing a knock off.Go ahead, the thinking goes, you ladies waste your money to be first at the racks. Suckers! I'll be like you only a few months later and for significantly less. That's why we throw the biggest shopping events across North America and bring you all the latest news in fashion, retail, and shopping. Despite the heavy consequences of getting caught, sellers aren't backing down. According to Business of Fashion, the global trade in counterfeits is predicted to balloon to $991 billion by 2022.I don't buy a lot of things but I buy good things that will last. When I was younger I'd buy a bag every month that was $100-$250 each. Now I spend waay more on one item but only once a year or once every other year. It's actually cheaper overall because the good bags last a long time. Luxury products and especially bags are some of the most coveted items on the planet.Exactly where the chips are embedded is harder to say—companies often change the placement to make it more difficult for counterfeiters to replicate the products. How does the company ensure authenticity, especially with the thriving global counterfeit market? According to Paredes, buyers purchase product outright from sellers unlike consignment stores that sell on behalf of the owner.That said, I've also never bought an actual high end designer purse either because I just can't justify the price. I'd much rather spend $1500 on a trip than on a purse that will make me happy for a few weeks or maybe months if I'm lucky and then end up unused in my closet because I no longer like it or it's no longer in style. My taste has also evolved over the years and I no longer like the look of flashy brand name items and steer clear of it for a more minimalist look.Often the zippers on a fake designer diaper bag are heavy duty and made to last and of course add to the sticker price. When we are carrying stylish diaper bags, handbags or purses on our arms; we feel more confident. We just feel more with it than we would with just any old bag that would essentially do the same thing as an expensive diaper bag. However, cool, fashionable appearances come with an expensive price tag. So while China and Canada intended to stamp out Chinese counterfeiters, they're not exactly sending a zero tolerance message. Rather, Canada for that matter, is sending a big invitation and welcome wagon for fake designer bags.Look through each site for signs of a scam, and look for independent reviews for every retailer. These handbags are, after all, expensive so unhappy consumer will often expose frauds. Designers want to protect their brand, but in some cases they avoid insinuating an item is a fake without a preponderance of proof. To be clear, designer diaper bag knockoffs are illegal and so un-cool. These are the ones that you may see sold on street corners that have copycat designer logos made from cheap materials. The last expensive bag i bought was a Marc Jacobs satchel that was everyday wearable and I used it daily for like 3 years.Does the thought of dropping a cool grand on a designer purse make your palms sweat? I've been eyeing a Fendi Baguette for a little too long now, but every time I muster up the confidence to put it in my cart in the name of self-love, of course) I just can't do it. It seems a bit silly and wasteful to drop my rent money on the latest It bag only to have my eyes wander to something new the next time Gucci drops a collab. Even though there are good knock offs, you do get what you pay for.If you cannot find a refund policy page on the website call in and request it in writing. Honestly I wouldn't… I have some Gucci Valentino LV bags myself and compared to the fake ones it's super obvious…I think you should save up till you can afford the real thing and in the meantime go for something a bit cheaper? I love luxury items and hubby too he loves his designer pieces and they honestly last a really long time. I don't mind spending 3k on a bag because I know i'll have it for a looong time. Even when I'm wearing a shabby outfit and then I wear one of my bags or designer shoes /accessories etc I instantly feel more dressed up lol.Why not add a few knockoffs to your purse and diaper bag stash just for variety? I have no problem with this so long as I don't get ripped off by an unscrupulous seller trying to pass off a Coach knockoff as the real McCoy! If you have seen a diaper bag that you really admire, is there harm in packing your baby's nappies in a designer INSPIRED bag? As long as this bag's manufacturer is not attempting to pass this bag off as a designer diaper bag, certainly not!

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