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jeans colbert heren, This shows that he has the raw arm strength to make plays deep down the field, but needs to improve his accuracy. For many people his deep throw accuracy should not be seen as a red flag just yet. After sitting behind an experienced quarterback for a few years, his deep throw accuracy should improve with time.|He's got a strong arm and can make all the throws required in the pros. I like his short-to-intermediate pass placement where he generally hits his receivers on time. Because Strong gets toesy his passes over 20 yards tend to sail a bit. He can get by with that when he's playing New Mexico State, but in the NFL, those will be pass breakups or worse – interceptions. One name in this upcoming QB class that doesn't garner the national spotlight like some of his peers but deserves to be recognized for his play in Nevada QB Carson Strong.In related news, Rattler had a good weekend too; he was 20 of 26 for 243 yards with five TDs and no interceptions against Western Carolina. It's early, of course, but this is the NFL; it's always about the quarterbacks. Since he is eligible to play two more seasons in Nevada, fans were looking forward to his participation in the bowl game. However, he has decided against it and will now declare it in the NFL Draft. Due to a knee injury, Carson Strong didn't play the senior year of his high school. Moreover, the scan revealed that he had osteochondritis dissecans lesion, a condition in which the bone beneath the joint's cartilage dies due to a lack of blood flow.|While not a great athlete in terms of speed or explosiveness, Strong is more than capable of getting outside of the pocket and throwing an accurate ball on the run on play action or on a rollout pass. Watch this play as Strong works to his right and throws a beautiful ball to the corner of the end zone to his TE, putting it up high for his man to make a play in coverage. While he doesn't come down with the ball, Strong does put it right into his hands.Strong is entering his Redshirt Junior season with the Wolfpack, having been the starter for the past two seasons with the team. Strong really took a step forward in his development as a passer in 2020, showing the qualities of accuracy and arm talent you want to see in a traditional NFL QB. The first thing that pops out when watching Strong is his arm strength. He can sling it with ease down the field having the throw power to chuck it well over 50 yards in the air. He completed 70% of his conference-high 523 pass attempts, the second year in a row he reached that rate, and led the Mountain West with 4,175 passing yards and 36 touchdowns against just eight interceptions. Furthermore, his 90.0 grade from Pro Football Focus was far and away the best of any quarterback in the conference.|More likely, he would play against a Group of 5 program where raising his stock wouldn't be as attainable. Skipping a bowl game, which many top prospects have done in recent years, could keep him from damaging that right knee. My surgery was in February, and it's supposed to be a year-long recovery, Strong said. As he heads into his redshirt-junior campaign, Strong's NFL Draft scouting report is nearly complete.Every season, and especially during draft season, plenty of rumors fly around. Strong was a player surrounded by rumors, with buzz about complications stemming from a knee injury he had suffered early on in his career. The scuttlebutt ranged from the injury hindering his play in the long run to it being called degenerative, something that would erase a lot of his long-term value as a starting quarterback in the NFL. Furthermore, Strong sometimes fades away as he throws, limiting downfield distance.|Over the last two years, Strong has played against only two ranked teams No. 19 San Jose State in 2020 and No. 23 San Diego State in 2021) and he didn't win either game. Strong did play a clean game against both the Spartans and the Aztecs, but it would have been nice to see his play lead his team to the victory. Nevada's offensive coordinator is Matt Mumme, the son of Air Raid inventor Hal Mumme. It's a fun, quarterback-friendly offense, but can be a bit simplistic from a post-snap processing standpoint. Pre-snap, however, Carson Strong has a lot of responsibility in terms of his protections.When watching his film, I started to realize that his name is very fitting to how he plays the game. Strong's ability to throw the ball deep down the field is why I think that he is a top five quarterback in this draft. So far this season, PFF have graded his deep passing depth at an 82.7. When throwing the ball for 20 or more yards, he has completed 11 out of 32 attempts for 402 yards.|As all young quarterbacks do, the Nevada QB still has room to grow, but he appears destined to take his talents to the next level. The only question that remains is whether or not he'll keep his starter designation on the professional stage. Although Strong's physical baseline affords him natural potential, many of his most prevalent strengths show up in structure. Strong does a lot of pre-snap work with protection calls, and he flashes the ability to run through his progressions fairly quickly.He carries enough arm strength to push the ball downfield and hit players in stride, as well as fit the ball into tight windows with touch. He also has enough arm elasticity to generate velocity on the run. Strong maximizes his arm with solid mechanics, hip torque, and synergy between his upper and lower body.|All this being said, it was a wise decision for Strong to come back for his junior season to clean up some aspects of his game in order to improve his draft stock. For instance, he needs to be more consistent on his ball placement down the field as he will have misses where he overthrows his intended target like on this pass into contested coverage. Young quarterbacks always have flaws, and Strong is no different.If I had to project where he should be taken, it would be the third round of the 2022 NFL Draft. He is still raw and will be a project when he first enters the National Football League. Some of our analysts believe he will go late first or early second round due to his position.|The Wolf Pack quarterback was as prolific as ever against Mountain West defenses and is our staff's pick as the conference's top offensive performer. With his lack of rushing ability, Strong is highly unlikely to go No. 1 overall even if he has a great 2021 season, and it's hard to imagine a non-running Group of Five quarterback winning the Heisman. Carson Wentz looked pretty good in his debut but the Colts could need to restock the wide receivers room -- T.Y. Hilton and Zach Pascal will see their contracts expire after the season -- and Olave is one of the most polished pass catchers in the country.

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