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barakka nyaklánc versace nemesacél, The Golden State Warriors have made the decision to retire Kevin Durant's No. 35 jersey. During last week's review/preview, the community correctly predicted a 3-1 week, with 46% of poll responders choosing that option. It was close though, as 39% of fans thought the Dubs would sweep the week, while 12% saw them going 2-2. The Nets have the fourth-best record in the league, and the fifth-best net rating.Kevin Durant and Jeff Green are introduced to the Seattle media on the day after the 2007 NBA draft. Sonics owner Clay Bennett and general manager Sam Presti stand at left and right, respectively. The Denver Nuggets, the surprise Western Conference leaders, suffered their heaviest defeat of the season and saw Nikola Jokic ejected in the third quarter for yelling at an official. If you hated that he chose Golden State, his argument for how he took a difficult road probably won't sway you at all. If you loved it, you're probably more pumped about this super team.His issue with Curry have always been his size, his average defense, lack of strength, careless style of play, and one-dimensionality. He wants well rounded basketball, something lacking in today's NBA, specifically since the Warriors took it over with hoist after hoist after hoist. This has stirred the pot quite a bit, as the man he's commonly gone after, is Steph Curry, a player he believes is overhyped by a media with an incessant need to glorify someone. The hall of fame forward turned TNT analyst, has been clear about his issues with this Warriors team. He thinks they're too soft, lack the necessary strength inside, and turn the ball over too much to win multiple titles. If we're honest with ourselves, Irving far outplayed Curry.Beyond that, the more a team relies on any one mechanism, the more vulnerable it is to diminishing returns. When you're trying to have sustained success, you can't show a team the same thing over and over again. Curry says. For us, that involves literally everybody that steps on the floor. The Warriors are famously withholding. They'll weave Curry, Durant and Green into a seemingly unstoppable action only to shelve it for games on end.The most powerful expression of their partnership is how easily offense can come to teammates like Klay Thompson or Draymond Green. Like many people in the league, Adams had assumed Durant would play the rest of his career with the Thunder. Intel from Golden State colleagues, as well as conversations with the seven-time NBA All-Star himself, did not change that perception. During practices, Adams stressed the proper defensive stance, spacing and angles to his players. Durant, already an elite scorer, often asked Adams during games to assess his defense. Durant responded and criticized Perkins' play in the postseason, prompting the former big man to call Durant's decision to sign with the Warriors in 2016 the weakest move in NBA history.Because of his exceptional basketball skills, he was considered eligible for the ‘NBA' draft after just one year of playing at college. He studied at the ‘National Christian Academy' and at the ‘Oak Hill Academy.' In both schools, he was quite active in basketball. He later transferred to ‘Montrose Christian School' for his senior year. By this time, he had grown six feet and seven inches tall. We have a professional business with 10 years experience and a tight-knit group of talented employees. It means we can keep prices low, keep a wide variety of sports gear and merchandise in stock, and give you the personalized service you need when you need it.As Kerr's defensive-focused assistant with the Warriors the past two seasons, Adams was charged 13 times with crafting a way to nullify Durant. The plan during the Western Conference finals in May called for Golden State's Draymond Green and Andrew Bogut to sag off offensively challenged Andre Roberson and to swarm Durant and Westbrook. Kevin Durant talks with Ron Adams , Warriors assistant coach, before the introductory press conference for Durant at the Warriors practice facility onThursday, July 7, 2016 in Oakland, California. KD is who he is, man. He's grown into the man that he wants to be, and I just have to accept it, Perkins said.That wasn't happening with Curry, the home-grown and beloved star, who stayed put and signed a four-year extension with Golden State in the offseason. Durant, though, longed for something else, something that re-signing with the Warriors couldn't give him. So he departed — again, his right to do so — and hooked up with Irving.Durant was the 20-year-old superstar with all the burden when the franchise left Seattle to become the Thunder. He was the best player on the team for every year he was healthy, winning an NBA MVP in 2014 and taking the Thunder to the NBA Finals in 2012. None of that matters as much in this discussion as the community stuff. Durant recently joined Jamal Crawford and Quentin Richardson on #NBAHooperVision on League Pass, an alternative stream for fans to watch select games throughout the season. He shared his thoughts on the rookie class, as a whole, and the emergence of Duarte.

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