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nůž uton prodej, They aren't your standard everyday hawk, they're a slightly odd-looking, exotic-looking kind of raptor. And then finally, the last group are the others, and these are four species in this group, they all look kind of different. The two things that are called kites, again– they're not all related to each other but we use the term kite. And they have very broad, rounded wings, and a moderate tail. The Harrier has long, rounded wings, and a long tail.It's a question– one, is that the hawks are predators and the little birds don't like that. And they're more agile, and so they can dart in and do this, and actually annoy them. And they will actually peck the raptor sometimes, but mostly it's just like mosquitoes for a raptor, they're not that much problem.So when they migrate, these features on the landscape actually concentrate the raptors into specific places where it's good to be. Going around The Great Lakes in the spring, there are a couple of really good hawk migration spots to watch. And you can see, these places, in a day you can see hundreds of hawks flying over it's really pretty cool. It's always a surprise to people to find out that most songbirds migrate at night, that they're flying high overhead while you're sleeping.And they're pretty close in size, and then actually, they're chesty but they're also forest birds so they don't have the biggest wingspan. I'm trying to think what has the biggest wingspan, I think maybe, Steller's Sea Eagle. The biggest wingspan is, for all of them, is Andean Condor. But real hawks, not vultures, then it's one of the big eagles.Yeah, it's such a complicated topic, and something that, there are so many issues arising because of climate change that are going to need a lot of study and attention. The Raptors got off to a hot start, hitting five-three pointers in the first quarter, including one by Trent, that put gave them a 20-point lead. But the Knicks -- who started the day in 11th in the Eastern Conference, one spot ahead of Toronto -- had other plans. The Raptors led to start the fourth quarter, but Toppin's three-pointer tied it up four minutes into the frame to groans from the Scotiabank Arena crowd. Wasn't a perfect game by any stretch, but I think some of us understand the offence is going to be an 'adventure' -- that's what Nick and I like to call it, he added.Reserve Price NOT Met- The current amount of the highest bid is below the reserve price and the item will not sell at auction close. MeiGray Group, the Official Game-Worn Source of the NBA, offers collectors the highest standards of authenticity for an exciting array of game-worn items. Every item comes directly off the backs of the NBA's greatest players and directly off the courts from the league's most exciting events under the watchful eyes of an NBA or MeiGray representative.I have some wonderful colleagues behind the scenes for helping monitor both of those areas. So some of your questions may be answered live, some of them may be a typed response, and in the chat you'll get some answered questions typed right there. Finally, we are streaming on Facebook, so hello to all of you joining from Facebook. And if you're watching on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Facebook page, there are two important things to know. One, please be sure that you do not click on any links, unless they come directly from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

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